‘I Was Too Young For Marriage’ – Elikem Kumordzie Speaks On His Failed Marriage To Pokello Nare

Elikem Kumordzie, Pokello Nare
Elikem Kumordzie, Pokello Nare

Ghanaian actor and fashion designer, Elikem Kumordzie, has again opened up on why his marriage to Zimbabwean socialite, Pokello Nare, failed.

The ex-couple met during season 8 of Big Brother Africa (The Chase) in 2013 and got married in September 2015. Their marriage, however, hit the rocks less than two years later.

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In a recent Instagram live session with fellow fashion designer and Radio host, KOD, Elikem explained that age was also a factor in his failed marriage.

Asked if there are things he could have done to save his marriage if he had the opportuning to do it again, he said: ‘There was an interview Pokello did some time ago and she said, Elikem was not ready for marriage. 

I got married at 26 – 27, maybe she was right. Pokello is three -years older and at the time we got married, I think she was 29 -30. 

Maybe she was seeing something at that time, I couldn’t see. But now that I have turned 31, am seeing a lot of things I didn’t see at 27. 

In considering people and appreciating people, maybe she was right to some extent because I must have not understood the concept of marriage and sacrifice, he told KOD

“I don’t remember too well when we fell off but there was this long period of time where things just went off. She has to be there [Zimbabwe] and I have to be here [Ghana ] and then we had to separate,” he added

Elikem and Pokello Nare, who both share a son.