Face Masks Too Dangerous For Children Under Age Two: Medical Experts



Experts in Japan have warned against the use of face masks by children under age two.

According to them, children younger than two should not wear face masks as they make it difficult for them to breathe and increase their risk of heatstroke.

The Japan Paediatric Association said parents shouldn’t place masks on infants under two – despite Japan’s coronavirus guidelines urging every individual to wear a mask.

CNN reports that a leaflet issued to the Japanese public the medical body warned that infants could experience an increased burden on their lungs due to the covering of their mouths.

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They added that the masks also obstruct the child’s face, making it more difficult for parents to notice changes in expression or the colour to the face which could indicate breathing issues.

The leaflet reads: ‘It is possible that masks make it difficult for infants to breathe and increase the risks of heat stroke’.

Due to their narrower air passages the mask poses a risk of suffocation, especially if a young child vomits behind a mask, states the advice.