Hotyce Reveals Inspiration Behind His New 4-Track EP, ‘4 No Reason’

Nigerian rapper, Hotyce
Nigerian rapper, Hotyce

By Tope Delano, Lagos

Nigerian act and Headies nominated rapper, Hotyce has released a new 4-track EP titled ”4 No Reason”.

The tracks can best be defined as a feel-good project which hugely satisfied all music lovers.

The new project features top acts like Oladips, Suga Bana and a new kid on the block Frescool who is also signed to K20 Entertainment.

In a new interview with Information Nigeria, the ace rapper spoke on his craft, new project, tussle in the music industry amongst other things.

Read the excerpts below;

What’s your advice to artists on making ends meet during and after COVID?

Hotyce: I feel like these are times where the passion for what you do supersedes every other thing

Do you still believe in achieving your 2020 goals?

Hotyce: Yes and I don’t think anyone should rule 2020 out totally, there’s always a silver lining…lol

What have you missed since the COVID?

Hotyce: Embracing nature as well as performing on stages

How have you been coping with life in Lagos coming from Abuja?

Hotyce: By being the most flexible I could ever be, Two different cities I must confess

How long did it take you to come up with 4 No Reason?

Hotyce: 4months at most. Though the post-production  took a while

What is the inspiration behind the tracks?

Hotyce: Initially, I wanted to just put together 4 songs 4 NO REASON,
But while working on the Ep, I began to see the number 4 for what it really is ie; it’s a grounded number, reason why we have four cardinal points, four natural elements etc, It’s also about developing a down to earth perspective which made me apply a different approach… plus it’s a number that oozes the feeling of solidity and calmness and that’s a consistent vibe you get throughout the project. So there you have it “4 NO REASON”

What’s makes you unique in the industry compared to other big names in rap music?

Hotyce: you can easily tell I have one of the strongest vocals in the game I mean I sound like no one else

What do you think the rap industry need to improve?

Hotyce: Having more cooperate bodies investing in the rap industry will help foster more growth I feel like if we have a well-structured industry every other thing will fall in place but asides that, I feel like we also need proper presentation and more banging content…

How did you feel when you got news on your headies nomination? Do you really rate the Headies? What do you think about the Headies?

Hotyce:  I felt like they were beginning to be more inclusive plus I wasn’t expecting any nominations… Well I rate them to an extent as they are supposedly one of the most prestigious award bodies in Nigeria

 You also shared your thought about beefing in the industry, Do you really think artistes have been doing it all wrong, if yes, how?

Hotyce:  Beef is cool and even more interesting when it’s very organic but I don’t really see how it makes money for an up and coming rapper as to how some people perceive it…

How does popularity tussle in the music industry affect a rising artist?

Hotyce: I honestly think silly beefs are very unnecessary and like I said I don’t see anybody making much money off the beef stuff…

What do you think rappers can do better to improve the genre?

Hotyce: Constructive collaborations and telling your own truth

What sets you apart from other artists in the industry?

Hotyce:  I make music from an honest place by simply being me

Should we be expecting videos off your new projects?

Hotyce: Definitely. Receiving a message from Seun Kuti was remarkable