Highlights of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show


Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Few of ex-housemates were present at the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem reunion show which was aired on Thursday.

The ex-housemates spoke about the game nights as well as live evictions.

During the show, they all admitted that the first few Saturday night parties were boring but lives of the parties, Mercy and Tuoyo tried to make it interesting.

One of those who contributed to making the party’s boring was Jackye because she was always sitting at a corner.

However, Jackye gave her reason as she revealed her first club experience was with her boyfriend and she was sexually assaulted when she decided to go alone so she didn’t feel safe.

Mercy Eke also admitted to taunting her man, Ike by dancing with other men at parties.

The host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu decided to play a game with the ex-housemates in which he asks them to define types of parties.

Male losers had to choose between eating paper or 20 push-ups on one hand while the female either had to eat the question paper or take out their lashes or wigs.

Ike managed to do five push-ups while his girlfriend cheered him on.

Kim Oprah took off her wig while Omashola and Mercy ate the question paper.

Speaking about the live eviction shows, Kim Oprah, Isilomo and Joe took turns to explain the reason for some of their reactions.

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