Highlights Of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion (Video)

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

During the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem reunion show which was aired on Tuesday, the ex-housemates engaged in a conversation with a mental health advocate, Doctor Oluseun Ogunnubi.

The ex-housemates recounted their experiences and struggles during and after the game.

omashola slaps 'mercy bum

The doctor analyzed Omashola, saying he never let people’s opinions get to him.

Omashola disclosed how people have advised told him to tone down the way he shouts and reacts to certain situations.

The doctor drew his conclusion and he said Omashola exhibited certain non-verbal cues that proved he still struggles with a betrayal from his past.

Omashola revealed that when he was going into the house, he was still struggling with the hurt of his ex’s unrequited love and had hoped to take advantage of the girls.

The doctor said the reality TV star still needs a private moment of catharsis and he asked asked what he thinks about the two “betrayals” he faced in the House which involves Ike stealing his coins and Frodd breaking the bro-code by hooking up with his former love interest, Venita.

Omashola said he has moved on and Ike stealing his coins actually motivated him to focus on the game.

Jackye Madu
Jackye Madu

The doctor analyzed Jackye to be quite oppressive toward the ex-housemates and inconsiderate about their opinions.

Jackye opened up about how she struggle with cyber bullying and keeping up with social media trends which she finds mentally draining.

According to the tech-queen, her motive wasn’t to win but to change how the Nigerian lady is being portrayed.

Jackye also spoke about how people didn’t  liking her in the house because of her intelligence.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu joined in the conversation and he also dished some words of advice to the ex-housemates.

Ike Onyema
Like Onyema

Ike admitted to struggling with his old self and his new self. He also said he is working on his trust issues.

Venita Akpofure and her daughters
Venita Akpofure and her daughters

Venita, on the other hand, said she has dealt with her emotional issues stemming from her divorce.

The actress also said the Big Brother journey was an wholesome experience which made her happier in the end.

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Watch the full video clip below: