Regina Daniels And Her Family Enjoy Moroccan Cuisine (Video)

Regina Daniels and Laila Charani Nwoko
Regina Daniels and Laila Charani Nwoko

Popular Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels released a new video via YouTube on Sunday which captures the moment she and her family enjoyed a Moroccan cuisine.

A family dinner was organized by her co-wife, Laila Nwoko at her home in Abuja.

Prince Ned Nwoko and his entire household were transported to his Moroccan wife’s home to try out the tasty meal.

In the video clip, the billionaire politician dished out the meal for his family and at some point, he spoon-fed a heavily Pregnant Regina.

The whole family also complimented the meal and at the end of the dinner, they were photographed.

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Watch the video below: