“Never Extend Your Beef With Someone To Their Kids” – Actress Wumi Toriola Cautions Former Friend, Seyi Edun

Wunmi Toriola
Wunmi Toriola

Popular Yoruba actress and mother of one, Wumi Toriola has cautioned her former friend, Seyi Edun not to extend their ‘beef’ to her children.

This comes after Edun failed to acknowledge the birthday of Wumi Toriola’ son, who turned one.

Although, It was learnt that the actress had sent money to her colleague’s son.

Taking to Instagram, Toriola decided to throw shades at Edun as she wrote;

“Never extend your beef with someone, to their kids. I am from this school of thought but my exceptions to this rule is KIDS….Those who read well know that “To every rule,there are exceptions,if you see anyone who extend hate to Kids,they are Murderers,Run from them,if they have the chance,they will poison you and kill you..i said what i said and when you see them in agony of what they caused them selves,DO NOT PITY them ..i said what i said ..call the police. Good morning”.

Reacting to the post, a follower commented:

“I personally will pray for the child in my house and keep it pushing, if I see the child personally, I will greet the child but no need for forced relationship!”

Wumi responded saying;

“dem see child dem nor greet,dem dey send ajo dem nor message ,me sef nor d friends again but i fear say dem fit poison me,its a life matter#endbadblood….thank God u said god bless cos na only God fit bless…the person wet get this sub. Nah so she dey do. I could remember wen her rival gave birth she no wish am kankan. You are now wondering yy she is facing the problem she is facing now. Nah oshonu she be”

And when another follower cautioned her saying;

“why are you sounding like Godand the maker of children, Seyi Edun might have wrong you badly but regardless when it comes to people lookingunto God for a child, you just have to ignore them and leave them to God to judge…you are shamig Seyi because of her infertility, are you God? Wunmi this is too much from you, if she has chosen not to celebrate your son, leave her, it is her business….God is the provider of children..”

Wumi became angry and said;

“Madam shaming stop looking for pity, we left that zone long ago, i was infertile for 8months, went through proceudres, ask Seyi who told her about infertility doctor, pleae stop that pity game, I did IUI 2 times, it didn’t still take the pssionate part of me, why extend a fight to kids, yes we have fallen out, but same kid you were rejoicing over his birth, you sent ajo on my son’s birthday, yet you refuse a birthday message as test just because you ar e pitted, madam stop glorifying infertility, we have ll been there, don’t lt waiting take your passion and compassion”

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See the exchange below: