#JusticeForDonDavis: Nigerians Demand Justice For Boy Who Was Sexually Molested At Deeper Life High School

Don Davis
Don Davis

Many netizens were outraged after an 11-year-old JSS1 student, Don Davis was sexually molested and mistreated at Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The boy’s mother, Deborah Okezie had shared a video via Facebook on December 20 wherein she alleged that her son was starved and molested by some senior students of the school.

She claimed that she noticed that something was off about her son when she went to pick him up from school.

According to Okezie, she noticed that Don Davis was sick and had not been attended to. The distraught mother alleged that she observed that her son was not able to sit properly, which prompted her to check his buttocks.

There was every indication that her son had been sexually molested.

Don Davis claimed that the senior students in his school would usually put their hands and legs in his anus after he was transferred to their hostel by a teacher. He was also starved at the school. The mother said her son told her that they threatened to kill him if he reported to the principal or his parents.

Doctors also confirmed that the boy had been sexually violated and he is currently receiving treatment at the moment.

In a bid to seek justice, the mother of the young boy cried out for help and this struck a sympathetic chord among Netizens.

The video also generated reactions from the school and state government.

The school management announced the suspension of the principal, Solomon Ndidi, and revealed that they have launched an investigation into the case. The Akwa Ibom State Government has also stepped in.

The Deeper Life Bible Church, owners of the high school involved, had tweeted on Monday, December 21, that they were investigating the issue, and that “appropriate disciplinary action will be meted out to all culprits in this unfortunate act”.

The mother subsequently shared updates regarding the case.

In a new video, she talked about how she and her family were intimidated after she was summoned by the Commissioner for Education for further investigation. She said her phone was seized and she was ordered to delete the video from social media. She also mentioned that a parent at the meeting threatened to beat her up in front of the commissioner.

Okezie noted that the Deeper Life board members came kneeling and begging in the hospital where her son was admitted but she added that the same day Deeper Life announced their investigation, the church’s representatives were on air alleging that Don Davis came to the school bedridden, saying that she was not his mother.

The mother did not only debunk these allegations but also shared pictures of the boy, before and after going to school, while also saying she will go as far as a DNA test to prove she is the boy’s mother.

The mother revealed that her son now experiences nightmares and suddenly wakes up with a jerk every now and then. She claims it is now hard to get a word out of him.

These new revelations sparked uproar, propelling several Netizens to take to Twitter to share their sentiments and call for justice for the young boy with the use of the #JusticeForDonDavis hashtag. They have also appealed to Kumuyi, to take action.