Davido’s Lawyer, Bobo Ajudua Shares His Thoughts About Nengi, Erica

The lawyer for Nigerian musician, Davido, Prince Bobo Ajudua has shared his thoughts about BBNaija stars, Nengi and Erica.

The renowned celebrity lawyer shared this during a recent question and answer session with his followers not long ago.

One of his followers asked;

“Do you talk to Erica, if yes what do you like about her?

His answer was;

“Yes I do! What I like about her is she’s very very loyal. She doesn’t play once someone is her person. It’s ride or die. God bless her soul”

On the part of Nengi, another follower asked;

“Tell us what you like about Nengi Pengi”

He replied with the words;

“She’s a go getter. She sets targets and achieves them. You see that house? She had the more for it ready even 2 months before she bought it. She’s also a workaholic. Set to set. Back to back. God bless your hustle sisi Nene”

In the same session, he revealed that he has never been broken-hearted before.

A follower asked;

“Has your heart ever been broken by a woman? And how did you heal.”

His answer was;

“No it hasn’t tbh. I said to my wife before we got married that the universe had been very kind to me. I mean I’m a cancer I had walls up naturally and you could truly break them down if you were a good person. I never ever rushed. That’s my advice to people. Don’t rush. It’s long and yes people change, but try to get to know the people as much as you possibly can first. Their basics won’t change.”

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