Constitution Review: Akeredolu Backs Return To 1963 Constitution

Constitution Review: Akeredolu Backs Return To 1963 Constitution
Rotimi Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has backed the call for the country to return to the use of the 1963 Constitution.

Governor Akeredolu spoke while declaring open the Zonal Public hearing of the review of the 1999 Constitution held at the Cultural and International Event Centre, Akure on Wednesday.

Akeredolu stated that the powers of the federal government must be trimmed down as it was the major of friction in the country and politics of bitterness.

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He warned that the current attempt at the Constitution amendment should be taken beyond the usual jamboree conceived and executed to arrive at predetermined result.

He stated that the 1963 Constitution which reflected the Republican status of the country remained the best document for a country as heterogeneous as Nigeria.

He stated that it was the best practicable guide towards nationhood but was abolished by the military by imposing a unitary system on the country.