Top 3 Careers in Cannabis to pay attention to in 2021

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace. With the recent legalization, these products have become legal in many parts of the United States, and people are using these in their wellness routine. These CBD products are providing many health benefits and medical research have also proved their effectiveness in the treatment of many health problems such as cancer, PTSD, skin disorder, anxiety, and sleep disorders. These products are available in many forms such as CBD oil, best CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals and CBD chocolates. A survey conducted by signal care in 2021 has shown that 58% of the American population is aware of CBD and many of them are ready to consume CBD products as an alternative to their prescribed medicines.

With growing popularity and demand, the cannabis industry is attracting many entrepreneurs towards it. Every day, the new cannabis business is trying their luck in this sector due to the high revenue, demand and a safe business future. With the opening of the new cannabis business every day, there are lots of career opportunities that have been developed in the cannabis sector. Recent data has shown that the present marketing value of the Cannabis industry is 33.1 billion USD and expected to touch the amount of 84 billion USD in 2021.


There are lots of high-paying career opportunities in the cannabis business. A recent study has shown that the jobs in the legal cannabis industry pay more than the median US salary in other industries, so if you’re interested in building a career in the cannabis industry, then here are the best options for you.


1.   Website Manager

A website is the face of every cannabis business. An interactive and user-friendly website helps the cannabis brands to make a strong presence in the market, that’s the reason why every cannabis business has an opportunity for a website manager to manage their websites.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay

You can join the cannabis industry as a website manager, email manager, or marketing manager. These positions are the essential requirement of any cannabis brand to run its digital presence and to provide customer support. You can also join the cannabis brands as the SEO expert as every website requires marketing and optimization to get a top rank on the search engines. If you are looking for a job that can help you to get a high salary, then this is the perfect find for you. You can help the optimization of the website through blogger outreach services and other marketing tactics to give the best for your company.


2.   Chef

Nowadays, there are lots of options available in the category of cannabis edibles and hence it becomes important for any cannabis business to produce the best quality, tasty edibles which can easily make their place in the heart of the customers. To do this, every business needs a chef that will produce unique recipes and tasty edibles so the companies can beat their competitors in the market. A skilled chef must know to make recipes by taking care of the proper doses of CBD & THC. If you love cooking and have the talent to become a chef, then join the cannabis business as a chef and you’ll easily earn the expected salary from $40k to $80k.

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3.   Director of Cultivation

The cultivation process plays a vital role in the success of a cannabis business. Cultivation includes cropping, planting, cloning, crop nutrition, and pest management, and oversee staffing. A knowledgeable cultivation director is a need of every cannabis business. The candidate has a strong background in the field of horticulture and botany for the high yields of cultivation. You can expect a salary of $50k to $250k according to the size of your company and your talent. You can check the job opening section of some popular job websites on the search engines to grab the best opportunity for you.


There are lots of several other career opportunities such as store manager, dispensary manager, budtender, extraction director, laboratory workers, Accountant, security, and delivery partner. These kinds of jobs that pay well are also lucrative in other industries—think management, science, and accounting. If you are skillful in a high-paying field, combining them with cannabis knowledge can create new employment opportunities for you in this high-demanded sector. You can search for cannabis job openings on google and you’ll get many job openings in this sector. If you’ve a good knowledge of digital marketing, you can open your own cannabis link building agency to help the businesses to make their presence online. This way you’ll be an entrepreneur and you’ll open many jobs for the people.