Oko Iyabo: ‘There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With The Movie’ – Yomi Fabiyi

Oko Iyabo: 'There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With The Movie' - Yomi Fabiyi
Yomi Fabiyi

Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi has insisted that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his controversial movie, ‘Oko Iyabo’.

Taking to his Instagram page on Saturday, the actor and filmmaker defended his movie.

He wrote:

Human Rights is key to PEACE and DEVELOPMENT. Respect is reciprocal.

The era any person or organisation will treat you along the line of wickedness, self-hate, envy, delusion or scorn should be over. Every person deserves to be treated with DIGNITY and RESPECT.

There was no HUMAN RIGHTS during Joseph time in Bible, but there is ever present GOD’S Rights. Never bow to dirty pressures. Stand Up for your rights. Leyin iku, sare.

It is not about your OPINION but what the LAW says. You cannot CHANGE the RULES in the middle of the game.

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For the thousands of you that have now seen the movie OKO IYABO, you all will be shocked with the high level of criticism and will be asking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MOVIE? Notjing absolutely! Speak out now if you have seen it. Share the truth. The most popular and sought after movie in 2021 “OKO IYABO”. God use my enemies for me, lobatan.

However, OKO IYABO will be censored, approved, rated and released on DVD and other cable stations soon. I can guarantee that 100%. Trust me.”