“Stop Bodyshaming Women With Fallen Boobs,” Actress Nkechi Blessing Tells Fans

"Stop Bodyshaming Women With Fallen Boobs," Actress Nkechi Blessing Tells Fans
Nkechi Blessing

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing has instructed her fans to stop bodyshaming women with fallen boobs.

The movie star took to her Instagram page to make the instruction.

In her words:

“I understand if a man shames a woman for having fallen breast, But Aunty Even you? Common we can really do better than making a woman feel less of herself, unlike some oda people that can’t stand trolling and insults,they tend to fall into depression and harm themselves, But you see me? If dem born your father well come and abuse me on my page, I will send you back home..we need to be the change we seek,by spreading more love than hate…Love and light❤️❤️,” she wrote.

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