Kwara Bakers Hike Bread Price, Suspend Strike

Kogi Introduces Levy On Every Loaf Of Bread
Loaves of bread
The Kwara State chapter of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria (AMBC) has approved a five percent increase in the price of bread in the state.
The decision followed the suspension of the strike embarked upon by the body over the high cost of production and shortage of flour.
The price increase has already taken effect on the prices of bread in the state.
N50 has been added to the prices of all sizes of bread except that of N50, N100 and N120 which were increased to N65, N120 and N150 respectively.
Speaking on the issue, the chairman of AMBC, Alhaji Abdulfatai Alaba, said bakers in the state have endured the skyrocketing prices of ingredients and shortage of flour for long.
He said, “Yes, we have called off the strike and have also increased prices by five percent because we know things are very difficult.
“The onus lies on government to see how they can reduce cost of production. As we speak, more than 90 percent of materials and ingredients we used are imported.
“Government should see how they can subsidised importation to positively impact the sector. I guarantee on behalf of our members that we are ready to reduce the price of bread once we can get the needed assistance.”



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