Umahi: Secondus Was Naive — I Knew He’d Be Removed As PDP Chairman

Umahi: Secondus Was Naive — I Knew He’d Be Removed As PDP Chairman
Governor Umahi

Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi has expressed that he knew beforehand that Uche Secondus, embattled chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), would be removed from his position.

He stated this while speaking on Friday during a programme on Channels Television.

Umahi, a former member of the PDP, stated that while he was with the opposition party, he informed some members of a plot to “unduly” remove Secondus as the party’s chairman.

“I won’t say I’m happy with what is happening to the chairman — Secondus — because he was a bit naive. When I was in PDP, I had a revelation from God and I prophesied that Obaseki was going to win,” he said.


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“He (Obaseki) was in APC, I was in PDP. A governor of PDP instigated Secondus to set up a disciplinary committee against a sitting governor, and I was very upset about that.

“In humility, I submitted myself to that committee, but I know a particular governor who is the owner of PDP did that, and Secondus had to succumb to that and that divided their working committee.

“So, when I was leaving, I told them — do two things. I was told that the working committee, especially Secondus, was going to be unduly removed to give one man or two the leverage of owning the PDP. I said that should not happen, and I told Secondus and I told all the working committee when they visited me in Abuja.

“And the second one was — cede presidency to the south-east and we will all be together. Nut they did not. I think it is the will of God to be where I am and I’m very happy.”


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