Think Well Before You Have Kids – Mercy Johnson

Veteran actress Mercy Johnson has advised her fellow women on what to consider before having kids.

The star shared a video of herself saying that women should make up their hearts for motherhood because is not an easy task to do.

Mercy said that she has been away from home since morning and coming back to rest but have to do some things for the kids especially make the kids sleep first before attending to personal life.

She asked Moms: “How is it like for you after work. When you see your apartment as being in disorder by your kids.”

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“Before you get children, make up your mind say na wetin you wan do be that” she kept nailing on that statement, or else “you go hear am”

Those were her words in the video and many of her fans had to send their wishes and words of encouragement.

Watch video below:


  1. That is what makes women, to be call mothers. Coming back from work and not meeting things the way you left them. And l believe there is joy in seeing things that way. The beauty of life is seeing children around you. They make us talk, they make us laugh even make us annoyed but they are our joy and heritage. We cant talk to material things Blessed is a home full of them. Mama MJ we dey still expect more oooooooooo