Kukah: Buhari Owes Us Explanation On When Insecurity Will End


Kukah: Buhari Owes Us Explanation On When Insecurity Will End
Matthew Kukah

Catholic bishop of Sokoto diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah has expressed that President Muhammadu Buhari owes Nigerians an explanation on when insecurity will end in the country.

Speaking during a Christmas sermon, on Saturday, Kukah stated that the government does not cherish the sacredness of life having failed to protect its citizens against attacks.

The cleric further alleged that the “silence” of the government shows complicity in the atrocities meted to the citizens.

“We have before us a government totally oblivious to the cherished values of the sacredness of life,” Kukah said.

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“Today, after over seven years, our over 100 Chibok Girls are still marooned in the ocean of uncertainty. Over three years after, Leah Sharibu is still unaccounted for students of the Federal Government College, Yauri, and children from Islamiyya School, Katsina, are still in captivity.

“This does not include hundreds of other children whose captures were less dramatic. We also have lost count of hundreds of individuals and families who have been kidnapped and live below the radar of publicity.

“The silence of the federal government only feeds the ugly beast of complicity in the deeds of these evil people who have suspended the future of entire generations of our children.

“Does the President of Nigeria not owe us an explanation and answers as to when the abductions, kidnappings, brutality, senseless, and endless massacres of our citizens will end? When will our refugees from Cameroon, Chad or Niger return home? We need urgent answers to these questions.”