Best 5 Investing Trends of 2022

Suppose you want to invest money. Saving is no longer attractive because it no longer yields anything! But there are still plenty of solutions to generate good returns from a small amount of money and without too much risk, like buying stocks, real estate, or even playing 888 casino games. Of course, what you want to invest in depends on your wants, but where can you best invest money in 2022 we will figure it out in this article.

Keep a Sufficient Amount of Cash on Hand!

Having a large “liquid” cash pile means that you have a chance to take any opportunity as soon as it becomes available. However, don’t fall into the temptation of bank interest! Besides that, the interest on the savings account is almost zero. The CDs and time deposits sometimes offer interest rates lower than the actual inflation rates, so you’re not saving or investing but you freeze your savings for many years and incur net loss! So, you should look for other solutions. Investing money in stocks and real estate funds is very popular. Think about how much you want to invest and make a plan. Do you have an adequate amount of cash savings? If yes, we advise you to spread your investment over two or more of the options we listed below to minimise the risks and maximise your returns.


When the regular person speaks about investing, usually he means the stock market and real estate. The stock market fever has doubled the number of stock investors on global and local stock exchanges in less than 25 years.
At the current time, there are many apps and websites that work as a broker for the local and global stock exchanges. These platforms differ in terms of the markets they cover, features they provide, the depth of their market insights, forecasts and guides. Therefore, we advise you to spend some time discovering the available platforms and choosing the best one for you. If your motto is safety before profit, the stock will offer you gains of 10% annually, which is a good proceed that covers inflation and gives you a net profit that you can be satisfied with.
If you want to get more profits, the risk will be higher! Here your strategy will depend on the small companies stocks which can skyrocket for their expansion, entering new markets, or acquiring a large area of the market, or other factors. The speculator buys stocks simply to sell them in a relatively short period, but just as the chances of winning are very high, the chances of losing are also very high.

Real estate funds

Are you thinking about investing in real estate? Then, you should consider investing in real estate funds.
A real estate fund is an investment fund that invests in real estate such as homes, offices or shopping centres.
As an independent investor, you can invest in valuable real estate with a small investment from €100 per month or €2,500 once. The risk is clear due to geographical spread and long-term leases. You can achieve an average return of 8.1% over 7 – 10 years.

Investing in Crypto

Do you want to invest in something more exciting? Investing in Bitcoin can be beneficial. Especially when you trade actively! That is why you can take full advantage of the latest price fluctuations. Some people now call Bitcoin “digital gold”. Besides being the “asset of the digital transformation”, these coins could replace fiat money such as the euro and dollar as cash assets and payment means.
At the current time, the Bitcoin and other coins prices fluctuate so much due to the unmatured market, but when Bitcoin price stabilises, it will be higher than all expected prices. Some major banks believe that a bitcoin could be worth $100,000 or even $1,000,000 in the near future when it goes mainstream.

Investing in loans (P2P)

Do you want to invest your money to get a high return with relatively low risk? For a personal loan, individuals are increasingly looking for alternatives to the usually “expensive” bank loans.
There are many online platforms and apps that bring investors and consumers with a loan need together. On these platforms, your investment is spread over a large number of loans and thus ensures a low risk. You can achieve a net return of up to 4.0% while the minimum deposit ranges between €100 and €200.

Investing in Startups

Do you want to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams? And at the same time gain a good return by investing wisely in startups that have a strong impact on the mature markets? All average investors can invest in startups via crowdfunding sites. For startups, these platforms may be the only means of financing if the banks are not completely convinced of the viability of the emerging company (don’t forget that Yahoo refused to buy Google for only a million dollars in 1998!). The most notable names in the startups crowdfunding space include:
· Wefunder
· SeedInvest
· StartEngine
· Republic

Every year, hundreds of thousands of startups apply to raise on these platforms. However, they approve only about 2% to 5% of them. So, all the companies available for investment have gone through rigorous tests, yet you still have a chance to choose the company where you want to put your money.

You can start from as low as $100 and gain an average return of 6%.
In addition to benefiting from a high Probability of Profit, investing through crowdfunding platforms helps to fund developments in various sectors that can have a huge positive impact on society in general.


In times of uncertainty and high inflation levels, investors resort to gold as it has a nearly fixed price which depends on its scarcity and difficulty of extraction. In addition, it is widely available in all countries of the world and has a solid non-wavering demand from regular folks, investors, banks, and many other parties.
The gold coin was the local and international trade currency in ancient times. Then, in 1958, the Bretton Woods system alternated gold with U.S. Dollar and placed the gold standard for U.S. Dollar in which $35 was convertible to 1 gold ounce to rebuild the international economic system. However, in 1971, Richard Nexon announced that the U.S. ended dollar convertibility to gold, and the government would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed price. As a result, all world currencies fluctuate in relation to the dollar and their prices against the dollar change daily! But, on the other hand, gold is still a safe haven. It stores the value of your savings and maintains its purchasing power for thousands of years!