DNA Test Is Tearing Many Homes Apart: Actor Ugezu

Ugezu J Ugezu, a professional actor and filmmaker, has been chastised by the internet for his opposition to the use of DNA test.

The actor used his Instagram account to admonish men who have made it a habit to take a paternity test before claiming a child.

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With the daily news of parents realizing their children aren’t biologically theirs in their final moments, many men, particularly in Nigeria, are becoming interested in DNA.

The rising popularity of paternity tests has alarmed the Nollywood actor, who believes that African men should not be subjected to them.

Any child born to an African guy, according to the actor, is the African man’s child.

He believes that DNA-related issues are ripping many families apart and causing the deaths of innocent kids.

Many netizens including celebrities has taken to his comment section to criticize his advice.

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