Sophia Momodu Knocks Maria Chike Over Insensitive Advert

Following a video of reality actress Maria Chike marketing a skincare product, Sophia Momodu, Davido’s babymama, has reacted.

Maria, a light-skinned woman, was seen going by the poolside with several dark-skinned men, women, and children drooling as they admired her Iook in a video posted to her Instagram profile.

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Sophia responded in an Instagram story on Thursday, questioning the message conveyed in the advertisement and its impact on children.

She wrote, enraged by the behaviors depicted in the video: “Just to be clear, a naturally light- skinned woman is walking through a crowd of darker skinned people including children and they are all oohing and ah-ing at her beauty.. And this is to sell a beaching product that literally has ‘white’ (So subtle btw) in the name??

Meanwhile, the entire cast apart from the lead character are all naturally dark-skinned people? Is this what we’re teaching our kids in 2022?”

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