Women Are Not Created For Men To Understand – Apostle Suleman (Video)

Apostle Suleman
Pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman has said women were not created for men to understand.
Speaking during a sermon, the man of God stated that the reason women can’t be understood is because they are a complicated creature.
In his words:
“You cannot understand a woman. No man. Women are not created for men to understand. God does not want you to understand any woman. That was why when God was creating woman, he told Adam to sleep, Adam sleep. You can’t understand a woman. If you want to have peace, sleep. Let God make her what he wants her to be.
Woman, a specie that argues with God. Women are the only gender that drag with God. God gave them air, they added their own. God gave them fingernail, they added their own. God gave them lashes, they added their own. God gave them nails, they added their own. People that drag with God is what man wants to understand.”
He also advised men to appreciate a good woman.
“Can I say this to you, when you have a good woman, celebrate her. Listen. By nature, women are wired to have a plan B. So, if you are the only plan they have, celebrate them. Women have plan B. If you see a woman wearing high heel, check her bag, there is slippers there. If you see a woman today making up in the house, go and check in her bag, there is another lower level of make-up. A woman finish eating, check her bag or any person following her, there is bottle water. They have a plan B. So, when the woman holds you alone and loves you, celebrate it. Because, she wants to dump you. She has a plan B.
Women are the only species that can do ten things at the same time. When man is watching football, it’s football. When man is answering call, he is answering call. A woman can be answering call, cooking food, taking care of children, sweeping house, checking time, at the same time.”
Watch video below: