I Need A Husband – 56-year-old Virgin Cries Out (Video)

A 56-year-old virgin, Alvera Uwitonze, has cried out that she needs a man while expressing regrets about chasing away her suitors in the past.

Narrating her past life, the lady who is battling with a physical challenge that made her cripple stated that she has never had a boyfriend all her life and was known for turning down men’s proposal.

Speaking during an emotional interview with Afrimax, Alvera Said: “They used to come here and ask if they could marry me and I refused them all. I was afraid a man would come and get me pregnant then leave me and the child for someone else.”

She also disclosed that her physical challenge came later in her life and that it took away her beauty.

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Alvera went ahead lamenting that her physical challenge which came as a result of an illness has made matters worse as men prefer normal and young ladies.

Amid this, she went on expressing hope of finding a husband.

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