Reno Omokri mocks Nigerians as prices of egg skyrocket

Reno Omokri has also reacted to the recent spike in the price of eggs.

Posting the photo above on his Twitter handle, Reno wrote;

”An egg is now ?80. It was ?20 under Jonathan. We did #OccupyNaija. We buried Jonathan in a coffin. His mother, who buried all but two of her kids, wept in Aso Rock at the trauma. Today, hunger under Buhari has buried us in the coffin we wanted to bury Jonathan in!

I just laugh when Nigerians say there is hunger in the land and even eggs are beyond the reach of minimum wage workers. Jonathan made food plentiful. How did we reward him? Overfeeding gave us energy to fight Jonathan. Now Buhari has cured us with mass starvation!”