Russian Invasion: Putin’s ‘Secret Daughter’ Shuts Instagram Account After Backlash

Luiza Krivonogikh, ‘secret daughter’ of President Vladimir Putin has shut her Instagram account due to backlash surrounding the Russia-Ukraine war.

The 18-year-old Russian socialite’s multimillionaire mum, Svetlana Krivonogikh, was romantically linked to Putin in the late nineties and early noughties, hence, the speculation surrounding her parentage.

This week, Luiza’s Instagram comments were flooded with insults from other users describing her as ‘daughter of the devil’ and as a ‘war criminal’.

Another comment read: ‘She is guilty of passive complicity. It is the same as most of the Germans in the Nazi period.’
Other internet users urged her to reach out to her rumoured dad and ‘convince him not to kill.’

Luiza – who also goes by the surname Rozova – has now closed her Instagram account, which had amassed 84,000 followers.

It has never been confirmed if Putin is indeed Luiza’s dad but, in turn, she has never denied the accusation. Her mum, who owns a £3.1 million plush property in Monaco, has also not commented on the claims that her daughter was fathered by the Kremlin leader.

The teenager, who ran her own Russian fashion label, routinely shared snaps of expensive trips to Paris and visits to swanky coffee shops in Russia to her thousands of followers.

One Instagram user had commented: ‘She stays quiet because she knows if she says one bad word to Daddy, she will be cut off from big money, apartments and expensive things.’

Other users had jumped to her defense and wrote comments such as, ‘come on guys, she is just a person. She is not guilty,’ and ‘she cannot do anything for having a crazy father’.

Putin has two daughters by his ex-wife Lyudmila, the former Kremlin first lady. Neither Maria, 36, and Katerina, 35, have commented on the war.

While Putin’s rumoured daughter has taken a social media break, his suspected mistress, Alina Kabaeva, is apparently hiding out in a luxury Swiss chalet.