Singer Simi calls out her mum as she reacts to a video of a Nigerian mum cautioning her daughter against wearing a revealing dress

Nigerian singer, Simi in a post on social media calls out her mother, Mrs Jedidah Akinsola after reacting to a video of Nigerian Nigerian mum cautioning her daughter against wearing a revealing dress.

In the post shared by simi, a mother of one via the insta-stories section of her official Instagram page, a mother could be heard telling her daughter identified as “Bolu” who is based in America but on her way to Nigeria not to wear outfit that reveals to much skin in an upcoming event that will take place in their family.

Reacting to the way the mother could be heard cautioning her daughter seriously on her way back home based on her outfit, Simi calls out her mother out as she narrated her own deal with her when it comes to wearing revealing outfit.

According to Simi most Nigerian mum always tell their daughters not to wear revealing outfit so as to be able to find good husband not knowing most of the men like open body cloth that shows cleavages.

Simi wrote; “Tell me you have a ay Nigerian mom without telling me you have a Nigerian mom. Many Nigerian mommies said their daughter should not wear this type so they can “find good husband”…come to find out these “good husbands” like open body cloth. Be like “baby I like this one that show cleavage. Mommy in the mud.”

While calling her mother out, Simi speaks on how her mum gets disappointed in her when she wore a body revealing outfit to her 60th birthday service.

Simi wrote; “Reminds me of when I went to my mum’s 60th birthday service with strapless dress that year.

Kasala really box that day. I will not be surprised if she still hasn’t forgiven me. She said some people in church said later she will be telling others not to wear anyhow cloth. I say she too should leave other people’s children alone. Last last she sef gas started wear mini gown once once.”

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