Do People Still Marry For Love Or Does Everyone Have An Agenda – Actress Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has taken to Twitter to enquire the actual reason people are getting married.

In her Tweets, Yvonne opined that some people get married for love, passport, kids, banging bodies and others. She wondered if anyone marries for love now.

Her Tweets Read;

”Some marry for the money, others for a passport, others for kids, others because of a banging body, etc etc errmm. Do peeps still marry because they love each other or because one is intelligent? Or does everyone now have an agenda?

In marriage, everyone has an agenda. Society told us otherwise. Our parents told us otherwise. Our church told us otherwise.”



  1. The bible even recognizes marriage And one should not just marry because of a something you want Love is the koko Because if your marry because you wan something or to forfill a particular purpose you will oneday walk out of that marriage if you dont achieve that goal But if you marry base on Gods plans for ones r life you enjoy every bit of that marriage even though your expectations are not forth coming. You will always be happy especially if you marry a man after Gods own heart Everything you mentioned in your write up apart from children the remaining ones are not even a prayer point. God understand our needs better than we do and with him all things, l repeat all things are possible. YES PEOPLE MARRY FOR LOVE EVEN NOW