James Brown’s Sister, Gracious Blows Hot After Being Accused Of Stealing Diamond Earrings

Nigerian influencer, Gracious Brown has reacted after being accused of stealing diamond earrings belonging to an influencer.

The young lady recently attended the birthday party of fellow influencer, Beauty Goddess. However, shortly after the party, she was called out for allegedly stealing a diamond earring belonging to the celebrant.

Debunking the report, Gracious Brown said in a video,

“I don’t know what is really going on on this app. I have been getting tags of stealing Beauty Goddess diamond earrings.

I don’t understand. Why would I come to someone’s birthday party and stole somebody’s diamond earring? Diamond earrings that my boyfriend has or my sister, James Brown, has.

Party that I did not even stay up to 1hour, 30mins. I was even angry before I left the party sef. What kind of rubbish is that? Because I got an invite to come to the party. How I wish I didn’t go, shey stuffs like this will not be coming up.

Before I even came to that party, I was even in a haste. Anybody that tags me on any thing and said I stole diamond, that person will have me to deal with”.