Tuface Idibia Allegedly Fighting Hard To Keep Baby Mama, Pero Adeniyi Despite Her Relationship With New Man

Tuface, the veteran music star, has been accused of doing everything possible to maintain his romantic relationship with his baby mama, Pero Adeniyi, despite the fact that she has moved on with another man.

Gist Angel, an IG gossip blog, shared a clip of Pero Adeniyi and her new lover while implying that the claim about Pero Adeniyi refusing to let go of Tuface is incorrect because, in reality, Tuface is the one who is sticking to the mother of his three children.

The post reads:

“Una online in-laws way dey always shout make PERO leave Turface for Annie I just dey laugh una😂, Pero don leave turface since na Turface no wan leave that her backside😒, which we call ones debe is always debe ( if you don chop am before you go dey always chop am ) 😂😂😂

this is pero guy and they have been dating for a while now but turface still dey use style get feels for her and he dey always wan enter her again as baby father 😉,so make una find rope tie turface gbola as the thing no wan stay one place😂, and I can tell you pero no evern replay Annie as una yeye bloggers claim🤮,

na those Yeye bloggers way no do their finds go just give Annie high bl00d pressure 😒, make una hold turface because he go still give another girl belle and very soon una go still hear am🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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