2023: I’m Confident Of Defeating Atiku, Tinubu – Kachikwu

2023: I’m Confident Of Defeating Atiku, Tinubu – Kachikwu
Dumebi Kachikwu

Dumebi Kachikwu, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate for president, has declared that he has no doubts about his chances of winning the presidency in February 2023.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja on Wednesday, Kachikwu asserted that he was not frightened of the main field gladiators who, in his opinion, were making political claims without offering solutions.

“This is a long-distance race. It is not a sprint. It is not about who is in the news about this time. Nigerians will have the opportunity to assess all the candidates in the next eight months.

“You will hear all the aspirants talk about issues but you never hear them talk about solutions to those problems. They will speak on how Nigeria has failed in education, health, security and others but you will never hear them tell you their solutions to those problems and how they will go about getting those solutions. Nigerians will hear from all the candidates. Nobody will be hoodwinked this time,” he said.

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The presidential candidate dismissed allegations in a section of the media describing him as a tax evader and accomplice in the case of bribery involving a former US congressman, William Jefferson, saying it was the handiwork of people he defeated in the ADC primary.

“I don’t need distractions. I know that people expect that if you are in a public space; you should expect to be attacked. Attacks are okay, but they should be objective; they should stick to issues rather than defame people and make it a way of life.

“We are focusing our campaign on how to take Aso Villa next year and we will not be deterred by unscrupulous agents who want to distract us,” he said.

Kachikwu stated that he was never been involved in any criminal activity anywhere in the world neither has he absconded from the US.

“I have a residence in the US. I just came back from there. My family lives there and my children school there. I have no criminal case in any part of the world.”