Marriage Crash: Jaruma Offers Actress ChaCha Eke And Her Kids A House To Stay

Sex therapist and Kayamata seller Hauwa Saidu Mohammed popularly known as Jaruma has offered Nollywood actress ChaCha Eke Faani a place to stay, following the crash of her marriage with her husband, Austin Faani.

Taking to her Instagram page, Jaruma shares a glimpse of the well-furnished house she’s offering to ChaCha and her kids.

According to Jaruma, the actress and her kids can stay in the house till she gets a buyer adding that most women do not have a place to stay when they leave their husbands.

She wrote: “When we leave our men, we normally don have a place to stay, Chacha can you stay in one of my houses with your kids before I get a buyer. Sending you love, light and support. I hope u have the kind heart to do the same for Jaruma me when u see Jaruma in need”

Recall that ChaCha announced the crash of her marriage a few days ago, alleging issues of domestic violence.

The mother of four said many have died pretending all is well while wishing, hoping, and praying for a better tomorrow.

Chacha said she doesn’t want to die or go inexplicably missing. She apologized to the public for living a lie for the past years as there has been trouble in her perceived paradise.

The talented actress said she’s done with her marriage, and her lawyer, the welfare department, and the Nigerian police force have her testimonials in recorded video clips and statements, which will be released soon.