Groom Dumps His Bride At1dd`ing Venue After His Mum Saw Her And Said She’s Too Short And Ugly

A groom dumped his wife-to-be on their wedding day after his mother saw her for the first time during the ceremony and concluded that she’s too ‘sh0rt and ugly’.

It was reported that the groom’s mother had only seen pictures of her daughter-in-law and never actually saw her in person before the wedding..

However, after finally meeting her physically at the wedding, she was angered by her appearance and said she’s too short and unappealing for her son.

She immediately told her son to quit the wedding because she can’t allow him marry her.

The bride has been identified to be a Tunisian lady named Lamia Al-Labawi.

Before the chaotic incident occurred, bride was pictured beside her groom who happened to be cleaning his face with a handkerchief.

Lamia has now lamented on social media over the unfortunate incident.

She revealed that she is an orphan and she spent a lot of her hard-earned money on the preparations for the wedding only for it to be cut short by her ex mother-in-law.

She revealed that, she was very embarrassed and couldn’t look people in the eyes after being rejected at her wedding as she could hear them talking and making side remarks about her.