Osas Ighodaro Celebrates 10 Years In Entertainment Industry

Osas Ighodaro
Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro, a media personality, and actress from Nollywood, is commemorating ten years in the entertainment business.

The mother of a single child described her trip to Nigeria and how it affected her life.

Osas disclosed that she had intended to stay in Nigeria for only six months but ended up staying for ten years.

She will always be appreciative of her trip so far and anticipates what is ahead.

Osas Ighodaro released a music video of herself dancing to the tune Water, Wata’ by Fela Kuti to commemorate her ten years.

According to Osas, the song beautifully captures her flow, battle, and freedom throughout her time in Nigeria.

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She wrote: “10 years ago, this day, I embarked on a journey to Nigeria – not my first trip to Naija – but certainly a trip that changed my life.. forever. In celebration of my 10years in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry; please enjoy.

‘Water, Wata’ – Osas celebrating 10years!! For me, the element of water incapsulates a beautiful representation of my time in Naija thus far; my Flow, my Fight, my Freedom!!!! I was meant to stay in Naija for just 6 months…and here I am 10 years later.

I’m forever grateful for my journey thus far and I look forward to what’s to come…God’s plan is always the best and I’m grateful to celebrate this.

Big Big Big Thanks to everyone that took the time to be a part of such a special and fun shoot! With only 1 short rehearsal I’m so grateful of the magic we were able to create. You all rock so much & I am forever thankful!!”.

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