Tragedy Averted As Responders Prevent Fire Outbreak in Lagos

An accident that could have led to a tragedy has was nipped in the bud in the early hours of today when a gas truck suddenly overturned along Peter Agha Street Junction by the Memorial Arcade, Oke Afa, Isolo, Lagos.

The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service men rushed to the scene to prevent what could have degenerated into a fire outbreak.

Fortunately, the responders later removed the truck from the road, restoring easy movement in the affected area.

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The development had led to messy traffic gridlock as motorists were diverted into alternative routes while the area was closed to prevent a secondary incident.

According to Ogabi Olajide, Chief Fire Officer, Deputy Head, Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, the emergency alert, which was reported at 7. am, saw the Isolo Fire Crew racing down to rescue the scene of the incident.

The Firefighters, however, used a copious Chemical Foam Compound to neutralize the atmospheric condition of the area and of the potency of the gas from causing any possible fire outbreak.