We’ll Hold Obi To His Promises If He Becomes President – LP Chairman

LP Chairman: We’ll Hold Obi To His Promises If He Becomes president
Abure and Obi

Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has expressed that the party would hold Peter Obi, the presidential candidate, to his campaign promises if elected president.

Speaking in an interview with THISDAY on Tuesday, Abure stated that the party will not just form a government, but will go as far as to “join the people and fight” any of their candidates, voted into office, who reneges on his promises to the electorate.

“If they form a government and decide not to do what the people want, we will abandon them and join the people to fight them. We are going to have a paradigm shift in the manner and ways politics is played in Nigeria. We are going to provide leadership by example,” Abure was quoted as saying.

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“Labour Party will not just bring a government in place for Peter Obi, we are going to hold him accountable because the movement transcends Peter Obi. It is even transcending LP; it is about the people of Nigeria.

“It’s about the future of the country, the growth and development of the country, the downtrodden Nigerians that have been suffering over the years and about the blood of Nigerians who have been slaughtered for years by the maladministration of the PDP and the current APC government.

“We are ready to provide leadership and the people are ready to follow. We are 100 per cent ready for the campaign. The party’s manifesto is ready; our message is ready; our personnel are ready. We are ready to hit the ground running. They are very agitated to be on the street. We have been ones restraining them not to.

“I have set the pace. I will go beyond Oyegun. He only succeeded in bringing in a government and never succeeded in holding that government accountable,” he stated.