How To Identify A Witch — Actress Anita Joseph Reveals

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has tipped the spiritually-conscious on how to identify witches and wizards.

The actress in a social media post, opined that those who get angry over other people’s victory can be classified as witches and wizards.

“The easiest way to know that you have become a witch, is when good news hurts you and bad news makes you happy,” Anita opined.

Anita, fondly referred to as mother hen, however gave a solution to those who exhibit her definition of witchcraft.

“If good news irritates you then you need redemption. Shalom,” Anita advised

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Information Nigeria reports that the actress recently berated those who posit that ‘marriage is a scam.’

The curvy entertainer argued marriage was nothing close to being a scam, stressing how enjoyable the God-ordained union was.

According to her, people who share the view of marriage being a hoax were simply unlucky to have married ‘bombastic’ elements.

“When you marry a Bombastic element you say marriage na scam. Marriages wey dey sweet like sugar. Union that God himself ordained,” she stated

The film star thereafter tipped men and women on a few do’s and don’ts about marriage.

“Women be submissive, respectful but pls don’t take buckets of nonsense”, she added.

“Men take responsibility. Stop embarrassing your wives. Nobi only you dey mad OBUROSOYI’na apu ala. Shallom.”