“How Two Foreign Dogs Killed My Daughter” – Pregnant Woman Narrates Ordeal In Osun

Nafisat Muhideen, an expectant mother, has narrated how two foreign dogs mauled her daughter to death in Osogbo, the capital of Osun state.

According to The Nation, two foreign dogs attacked the pregnant woman and her 5-year-old daughter on a lonely path in the city on Wednesday afternoon, August 30.

Speaking with The Nation at her residence, the woman disclosed that she was on her way to get drugs for her deceased daughter and herself when the incident occurred.

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She said, “I was on my way to get drugs for myself and my daughter named Mariam because we both had cold and catarrh. I was passing in front of an uncompleted building when two dogs suddenly attacked me from the rear. I was backing my daughter.

“Fear gripped me and I attempted to run, but because of my condition (pregnancy), I could not escape the grip of the two ferocious dogs.

“The dogs dragged my daughter, Mariam off my back and started to maul her to the point that she was helpless. I threw stones and other objects around the area, yet, they did not stop until she lost her life.”

She continued, “I was hoping that site workers around the area would help me but I found none despite me shouting on top of my voice for help.

“Some neighbours eventually arrived and attempted to get the baby off the dog but it proved abortive until the dog was killed and the body of the baby removed facing the ground from under it.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Muhideen declined further comment about her health.