“My Body Count Is Low But It’s Disrespectful To Ask A Woman How Many People She Has Slept With” – Tolani Baj

Tolani Baj, Bbnaija Star has explained why asking a woman, how many body count she has is improper.

A person’s “body count” is the total number of people they have slept with. The term “sexual contact” is generally used here; other forms of sexual activity are not covered.

Tolani Baj asserts that it is rude to inquire about a woman’s past sexual experiences.

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Despite her low body count, she said she didn’t think it was appropriate to ask a woman about her body count.

On the most recent episode of the Bahd and Boujee Podcast, hosted by reality star and media personality Moet Abebe, Tolani Baj made this statement. However, she believed it was acceptable to find out about a partner’s previous relationships.

Tolani Baj said: “If a partner asks me about my exes or relationship history, I’m okay. But something I won’t answer is body count. I feel like, ‘What’s really your business?’

“My body count is not high but I still feel like it’s disrespectful to ask a woman about her body count. It’s not because I’m ashamed to say the amount, it’s just like, ‘Who do you think you’re to be asking me that kind of question?’