Forgery Claim Concocted To Force Akeredolu To Transfer Power — Ondo Leaders Allege

Lucky Aiyedatiwa, Rotimi Akeredolu

Some Ondo State leaders under the auspices of Ondo Elite Assembly, at the weekend, averred that the forgery alarm being raised following Governor Rotimi Akeredolu absence in the State, is designed to coerce him into transferring power to his Deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

Information Nigeria recalls that one of Akeredolu’s Commissioner, Razaq Obe, alleged that the signature of Governor Akeredolu was forged on official documents pertaining to his ministry.

Reacting, the group, through their General Secretary, Yemi Oladiran, said that: “What we are witnessing in Ondo State is the frustration resulting from defeated expectations. Akeredolu’s ‘sin’ is simply that he has refused to die.

“This entire forgery alarm is merely an attempt to blackmail and defame the governor. They aim to coerce the governor into transferring power to Aiyedatiwa.”

While condemning the Energy and Mineral Resources’ Commissioner over his forgery claims, Oladiran accused him of “intentionally deceiving members of the public and attempting to incite unrest and violence against the government.”

The group noted that forgery is a criminal offence that should be exclusively handled and investigated by the security agencies.

“It is absurd to witness a member of the state executive council releasing a state document and investigating the signature of a state governor without consulting the governor, who appointed him or any relevant state officials.

“The act of making the state document public or investigating the governor’s signature, despite the governor’s denial of forgery, is a breach of confidentiality.

“The commissioner should have referred the matter to the law enforcement agencies, who are entrusted with the responsibility of investigating and penalizing perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

“We also find it highly suspicious that Commissioner Rasaq Obe addressed his protest letter to the deputy governor instead of the governor himself, considering that the alleged forgery revolves around the governor’s signature.

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“As a member of the state executive council, does Rasaq Obe have the authority to engage forensic experts to examine the governor’s approval? Moreover, it is even more concerning that he conducted a forensic investigation without informing the governor, whose signature he claimed was forged.

“We have credible information that Rasaq Obe has made other requests to the governor, for which approval has not been granted. We challenge him to disclose these requests to the public, as they involve ridiculous amounts of money.

“For instance, when an approval for a huge amount was granted for the renovation of his office, why did he not release the document that contained the approval? We daresay he should make it public.

“Furthermore, when an approval of over N150 million was granted to organise DevelopOndo, why did he not raise any concerns about the signature?.

“To date, he has failed to account for the expenditure of these funds. We invite the general public to pose these questions to Rasaq Obe and demand answers. The funds released for developondo should also be investigated thoroughly.

“For us, this recent development does not come as a surprise. We have always been aware of the intentions of everyone in the cabinet.

“Rasaq Obe had been promised the position of deputy governor by Aiyedatiwa. Their plan was that if Akeredolu should die, Lucky Aiyedatiwa would assume the governorship while Rasaq would become the deputy,” the group explained.

According to Oladiran, “it is surprising that the same Governor Akeredolu appointed Obe as a Commissioner against a very strong opposition in his local government who saw him as a Political neophyte.

“It’s so unfortunate that the same Obe is now seen fighting the governor, who is recuperating.

He said that “What we are witnessing in Ondo State is the frustration resulting from defeated expectations.