“Her Excellency Will Be Joining Me” – Pastor Yul Edochie Gives Update For Sunday’s Live Broadcast

Actor Yul Edochie recently announced on Instagram that he will be hosting his weekly Sunday service.

He went on to say that he will be leading the ministration alongside his gorgeous wife Judy Austin.

Sharing a picture of himself and Judy Austin, he captioned,

“Don’t miss our 4th live broadcast tomorrow from TRUE SALVATION MINISTRY. Her Excellency @judyaustin1 will be joining us for our live program.
Streaming live on YouTube and TikTok. 5pm to 6pm, Nigerian Time.
YouTube Channel: Yul Edochie TV.
Tiktok @yuledochieodogwu”

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See some reactions from social media users…

meegovernor wrote, “Stop making mockery of Christianity. Please try something else. This isn’t funny”

benedictanwadei wrote, “Sorry, God cannot be mock. The words of God is Amen and Amen. Jesus Christ himself said what God has joined together no man should put asunder and a man can only divorce his wife only on adultery ground and if he remarries he commit adultery. This is adultery square because you are marrying someone else wife.”

judyobasi_spoiledanus wrote, “Pastor Yuliana what happened to your Isiamu global company? wan buy house”

sexy_amanda88 wrote, “She no get another clothes?”

jeffery_emma_01 wrote, “A wife that was not accepted form his father in laws all calling her self mummy 0 § day play”