“Please Leave Me Alone This Year” – Erica Claps Back At Trolls After Showing Off Her Pole Dancing Skills

Erica Nlewedim, a housemate on Big Brother Naija season five, has taken aim at trolls who made fun of her for posting a video of herself dancing on a pole.

The reality star turned actress said a few hours earlier on the X platform that she had returned to pole dancing after three years break.

Netizens had different opinions on the posted video, with many harshly criticising her.

Erica Nlewedim pleaded with them to leave her alone in response to the troll, saying she doesn’t want to interact with haters. She admonished them to stop monitoring her and concentrate on taking care of themselves.

In conclusion, Erica offered to shower her trolls with N100k if they can disclose the evidence of them backlashing her and also write a public apology.

She wrote,

“Please leave me alone this year, I really have no interest engaging with you people who don’t like me, leave my posts for people who do and focus on things you actually like, y’all were complaining about being broke I’m sure insulting me hasn’t fixed your problems, focus on that.

All it takes to make haters become a$$ kissers is for me to announce I’m doing a giveaway, have some shame this year, if you don’t like me please dont engage with me.

All I need to do is post the same thing you troll and say I’m giving the people with the best compliments money, my page will be filled with compliments, cos y’all have no shame and y’all are beggars, I’m happy I was able to at least take your mind off complaining about your financial issues, mute me or block me if you don’t like me thanks.

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This is literally all I do, while minding my business. For the past few years I see my name on blogs only when I respond to the trolls and never the loads of positive things that I have achieved! I’m not interested in even being your celebrity anymore, allow me live my life focus on your own business.

100k for two people who can tell me they’re why they’re my trolls and how they’ve changed. I’m obviously going to pick based on proof of past trolling and an apology.”