Terry G Confronts Timaya Over Unpaid Royalties

Terry G, a singer, recently took to Instagram to call out Timaya for unpaid royalties.

In a recent update, he stated that the more he listens to podcasts featuring musicians speaking up, the more he feels compelled to speak out.

He did, however, indicated that hell would break loose and threaten that the day he would finally decide to voice his opinion, the table would be used as firewood.

The singer made it clear that he needed his 50% producer publication payments from Timaya and others.

Terry G also expressed that he has been used and dumped, but still, he would continue to rise.

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Sharing a picture, he captioned,

“Looking at all the podcasts and disclosure artists speaking up, the day I go talk my own, the table will be used for firewood. If you know I produced this song for you, I need my 50% producer publishing royalties from Timaya and others. But all the producers out there use me as an example of how they use and dump greatness. But still, I rise.”