Woman Seeks Pastor Yul Edochie’s Blessings For Daughter’s Acting Debut

Renowned Nollywood actor and producer Yul Edochie, who recently assumed the role of preacher, was recently spotted on set in full “man of God” gear, fervently praying for an aspiring actress.

The viral video featured a woman who hold Yul Edochie in the highest regard, together with her daughter, boldly approaching the actor on set to ask for his blessings for her daughter’s acting career.

The actor warmly received them as he engaged in conversation with her mother in their dialect before raining prayers on the young lady, who knelt in front of the actor.

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In the widely shared video, the preacher was heard saying,

“We thank God for a day like this, we praise you father, for making it possible for us to see a new day, many people slept last night but didn’t wake up and here we are doing what we know how to do best, we know you have a purpose for us that is why we are up again and we believe that God will help us to fulfil this purpose in Jesus mighty name, but before that we want to ask for forgiveness”