“No Amount Of Protest Can Save VeryDarkMan Due To Nature Of People Against Him” – Media Personality, Kelly Hassino

Martins Vincent Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan, has been in detention in Abuja for a week and is yet to be granted bail.

Kelly Hassino, a media personality, has revealed why the activist is still behind bars despite having friends such as Davido, Cubana Chief Priest, Tunde Ednut, and others.

In a lengthy statement on his Instagram page, he indicated that some powerful people are currently working against him.

According to him, despite VeryDarkMan meeting his bail conditions and top celebrities attempting to intervene, higher authorities are preventing his release.

Kelly Hassino, who stated that VDM doesn’t live far from where he resides, added that no protests or pleas for his release will save him because of the nature of those who oppose him.

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He wrote,

“There’s rumours of Very Dark Man being released but I can tell you authoritatively that he hasn’t been released.

I’m privy to some information about the details of his case and I can tell you that he may not be released anytime soon due to the powers against him.

Despite meeting his bail condition and top celebrities trying to wade into his matter to influence his release, but in government, power pass power, and some of the most powerful people with raw and naked powers are people you haven’t even heard their names before or seen on television.

Very Dark Man doesn’t live far from where I live. I got to know his “one-room” house where he makes all those content and I was surprised it’s close to mine. About 10 minutes drive.

No amount of protest or calls for his release can save him seeing the nature of the mentality of the people against him. They would rather the country burn down than not satisfy their desires but we’ll keep trying hopefully they hear. I do this because I understand I could be arrested too someday and Very Dark Man is the kind of guy to stand up for one”.