Precious Chikwendu Narrates How She Survived Ghastly Car Accident That Killed Her Aide

Precious Chikwendu, a former beauty queen and Femi Fani Kayode’s ex-wife, has disclosed that she recently made it out of a horrifying vehicle accident.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote that she has been coping with survivor’s guilt for weeks and is just now able to initiate proper conversation with humans after remaining mute and going through the period.


She revealed that February 29th, 2024 is still a day she has never had clarity about, but she is confident that all will make sense soon.

She described how her driver, aide, and herself were hit by a careless vehicle at the Kur Mohammed Avenue traffic light.

Precious remarked that God came through for her by sending her a wonderful gift ahead of time for the season and beyond.

She expressed her grief for Sanusi, hoping he was out there cleaning his boots as usual.

Sharing a picture from the accident on her Instagram page, she wrote,

“I’ve been dealing with survivor guilt for weeks now, I am just able to begin proper communication with “humans” because I’ve been mute and going through the phase of trying to understand why I survived with minimal injuries and the person who was next to me didn’t. Feb 29th, 2024 remains a day I never got clarity about anything but I am positive it will all make sense in no time.
My driver, aide, and myself were run into by a reckless driver at the traffic light at Kur Mohammed Avenu, right in front of Taj Bank. I won’t talk about this person who hit me and all he has done since then because it is already a manslaughter case, but I would talk about God’s mercy on me and the pain of losing my best aide ever.
God came through for me and sent me a special gift ahead of time for this season and beyond. I’ve grieved for Sanusi, I’ve looked at my cameras every day, hoping he would be out there cleaning his boots as usual. That fateful morning he was with my kids and me at the national stadium for their inter-house sports, he followed Aiden and Ragnar around like he knew he might never see them again, and the last I remember was seeing him argue the routes to take with my driver, as if he knew there was danger ahead but surrendered to fate by letting using go the opposite way.
Will I continuously miss my ‘Sule’? Yes !! Everyday.

He was one little brother that was too protective of me. Meeting his whole family coincidentally at Sahad stores in January made me see him as a family from that moment, aside from him being the most peaceful, loyal, and easy-to-learn aide I’ve ever had. I virtually camped at the hospital and prayed for the brain injuries to heal with high hopes of having him laugh again at my silly jokes whenever I’m in excellent spirits.
God alone will heal us all from this pain. I’ve cried my heart out but most importantly I’ve learned a lot from this incident.
I am grateful to be alive even though I questioned it all for many reasons, I am alive and grateful. Ekwensu ntooooor!”.