DNA Test Should Be Made Mandatory At Child Birth – Do2dtun Asserts

Do2dtun, a media personality, has called for DNA testing on infants as soon as they are born.

Taking to his X account, the OAP claimed that the same way tests are carried out when a child is born, it should be the same for DNA.

He mentioned that many are afraid of DNA because it is viewed as a potential breach of trust, but he believes it is best to know from the start.

He went on to say that DNA testing can help create genetic information, health history, and warning signs.

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He tweeted:

“I believe DNA shld be a prerequisite immediately a child is born. The same way they carry out test on a child when they are born. It shld be seamless. It is seen as sacred cos people see it as a borderline mishap for trust but It’s best to know in the beginning & now.

The moment it’s seen as a mechanism for trust then it defeats the purpose. It was not invented to test trust. Also it produces your genetic info, your health history & things you need to look out for for example if you have a family history of hypertension, it will tell you”.