Why It’s Not Ideal To Check Your Partners Phone – Bella Okagbue

Bella Okagbue, a reality star, has revealed her opinions on relationships, emphasising why it is needless to check your partner’s phone.

This is coming few days after her boyfriend, Sheggz, proclaimed his devotion to her and hinted at the prospect of marriage.

In an Instagram Live session on Wednesday, Bella encouraged her fans not to examine their partner’s phone, since it could expose information that should be kept hidden.

She emphasised that a phone is private and that her viewpoint is not always about adultery.

In her instance, she prefer to have private chats with her friends and family.

Despite admitting that it’s not ideal, Bella confessed to periodically checking Sheggz’s phone and been caught multiple times.

She concluded by adding that there is no use in snooping through your partner’s phone and expressing her entire trust in her relationship.

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She said,

“You guys should not be checking your partner’s phone, it’s not good before you go and see what you’re not meant to see, and everyone’s phone is for privacy, it doesn’t even have to do with cheating, it can be anything, as for me I don’t want anyone to see my chat with my mum and my siblings, friends, so it’s not good. Do not check your partner phone but sometimes I do check my babe phone and he’ll be like babe I think you check my phone I’ll just be laughing, but I don’t do it anymore, there’s no point cox right now I trust him 100%, it was when we came out of Bbnaija’s house I wasn’t settled”

Watch the video below…