Banky W Opens Up About Challenges Of Fatherhood In His 40s

Banky W, a Nigerian musician, politician, and businessman, is not only a proud father of a young son, but also the spouse of the equally well-known Adesua Etomi.

In an interview with Hawa Magaji on the ‘Who’s In My House’ chat programme on Wednesday, Banky W openly highlighted the difficulties of parenting, specifically balancing it with his hectic schedule and being over 40.

He said, I do a lot of things: I’m a business man, I have a few companies I’ve invested in, that I work in and work for, I’m in ministry, I’m a husband, I’m in society, I’m always doing one thing or the other. So it means my days are pretty busy.

Prior to having a child, when you come home, you’re just going to sit down, take your shoes off, hang out with madam, relax, and have a good time. But now, immediately I walk in the door, it’s almost like my son has seen his favorite superhero and he immediately wants me to play with him.

He doesn’t care that I’m 40+ and that I’ve been working on my feet all day, and I’ve been in traffic, and I’ve been in meetings. He’s just like “papa, come and play” and that’s all he cares about in that moment in time. He wants me to chase him around the room, or play ball, or something. And that can be pretty exhausting.”

Banky W also stated that as exhausting as it is, he wouldn’t have it any other way because he adores spending time with his son.

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“We prayed for a strong willed child, so when God now answers, its y’know. And no matter how tired you are, you have to play.

But again, there is joy in it right? Because regardless of how tired I feel, there’s actually nothing I’d rather do at that point in my day than roll around in the carpet with my boy.”

Watch the interview below…