Women Who Expect Men To Pay Them For Being Beautiful Lack Virtue – Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian author and life coach, opined that any woman who expects a man to pay her because she is beautiful is a prostitute.

The author commented on a post on his X handle on Wednesday that there is an awful promotion of relationship prostitution in which jobless and idiotic women jump on innocent men with such disgusting entitlement to cater for them simply because they are attractive.

He claimed that these women lack grace, true beauty, and dignity, and that they flaunt themselves in expensive materials like as wigs, makeup, and clothes to hide their lack of virtue.

This is coming after influencer Saidaboj remarked on the Honest Bunch Podcast that a man should give her money because she is beautiful.

This sparked anger among social media users, who went so far as to report her social media accounts, leading to their suspension.

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He tweeted;

“Call it cruise or clout chasing, but there’s an unbearable promotion of relationship pr*stitution, where jobless and asinine women hop on innocent men with such disgusting entitlement. They have no grace, real beauty or dignity. They parade themselves in costly materials like wigs, makeup and clothes—all to cover up their lack of virtue. Beautiful masquerades!

What shocks me more is their brazen lack of shame to jump on podcasts to advertise their abysmal brain cells to the world. For a woman to think this way, imagine how she was raised and what she must have done to get all that she has. As I call it, it is pr*stitution. It is pr*stitution to expect a man to pay you because you look beautiful. Convince me otherwise that it’s okay for a woman to take care of herself because men must appreciate her for looking after her body.

I might sound hard and unfeeling, but I’m disgusted by this constant publicity of a dearth of shame and virtue. This isn’t okay and we should strongly condemn it. It’s destroying the fabric of romantic relationships because men begin to treat every woman as a commodity, because of charlatans like the one in this video.

Finally, men aren’t left out in this. Men enable these women; men patronize them. Men spoil them. Men, just because of bum(which is just a muscle) spend their hard-earned money and twist these women’s sense of value for money. You’re a simp and a weak man if you spend your hard-earned money on female masquerades like this.”