The central bank of nigeria continuing its pursuit to sanitize the banking system in nigeria has released a list of debtors on its website.
The list of the largest debtors in nigeria was published as an advertorial on the central bank of nigeria’s website. The Central Bank of nigeria stated on its website that “Following the recent regulatory action of the Central Bank of Nigeria on the five banks, it has become necessary to use this medium to request the following defaulting customers of the affected banks to pay without further delay their indebtedness, failing which the banks will take all appropriate legal actions to ensure repayment.

“These are the largest debtors and the CBN will continue to publish the list of defaulters on an on-going basis.”
Among the list of 205 debtors include Notable nigerians and very popular figures in the country.
The full list of debtors can be found on the central bank of nigeria’s website

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  • Dear Manager
    I keep getting emails telling me to send $150 to your bank , so you can pay me $4.8 million dollars in compensation.
    Is this a fraud,or is this authentic?
    I was scammed by Nigeria and I have received emails from Gov offices saying the money has been given to your bank to pay me. Is any of this true?
    Peter Quinn Sydney Australia

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