BBA Talia And Seydou Are Back Together officially

During the last BBA reality Tv show, one of the heights of the moments was when Talia disappointed Seydou by having sex with Keagan. Viewers had thought that was the end of the relationship that really spiked but alas they are back together, officially, finally.

Angola’s Seydou, despite an international Tv disappointment when his love had an affair with keagan, has expressed his hope of having kids with his lost love that is now back..
Seydou who few months ago was in Zambia to support his self proclaimed lover Talia during the Big Brother africa Dance party that was graced by two veteran broadcasters Kay Smash and Dj LBC.

It was a good moment when Seydou and Talia Kissed and declared that the two were back together and praying that all should go well and make plans of marrying each other.

A  Reporter who was at the party spoted the two Kissing and showing each other some romantic feelings despite what had happened between Talia and Keagan while in the house.

And some reports we received from our reliable sources indicated that Talia has always had feelings for Seydou and is happy that there are back together though she still insists that the relationship must be secret from the public although Seydou opted to spend a night at Talia and Tamara’s Place in Lusaka after the party.